I discovered the Sims I think in 2002-2003. I had just bought my daughter her first computer for Christmas and went to the store and asked for the best game and i was told The Sims was a bestseller. I had never heard of it. I never really played computer games except for solitaire and Duke Nukem.

I decided to try it on my computer first and became hooked. The next day I went and about all the expansions available for the Sims. My daughter and step-daughter became hooked to the Sims too.

When Sims 2 was announced, let me tell you: we were so excited about it! I know a lot of people prefer the Sims Original but to me, Sims 2 was so much better.

My Sims 2 game would take an hour to load as I would be spending at least one hour each day to download new custom content. so with over 80000 downloads in the game, there was a lot of issues, crashes and long loading times but that has never stopped us from playing the Sims 2.

The Sims rule!

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