Why Do People Think The Sims Medieval Is A Bad/Boring Game?

Why Do People Think The Sims Medieval Is A Bad/Boring Game?

4 Reasons why people may think that The Sims Medieval  game sucks:

  1. There is no aging process and because Sims babies become children skipping the toddler transition (like in The Sims Original)…
  2. You cannot control more than one Sim in the household….
  3. It’s hard for some people to get “Medieval” when you hit the 20th Century…
  4. People think that once all of the quests have been completed in one kingdom, it means they can no longer play in that kingdom and then the player will have to start all over again…

4 Solutions for the people out there who think The Sims Medieval game is bad for the above mentioned reasons:

  1. Aging isn’t really all that needed because you are too focused on the quests and in fact, the story is quite interesting!
  2. Being able to control just one Sim in the household doesn’t make it entirely bad, because remember: you are playing with a hero right now… Why focus on every single Sim you have in your household? And, the only reason why you can’t create two Sims is: how on earth can you get TWO Kings? But you can still get married, and have children.
  3. It’s not that hard to get into the “Medieval” theme! It’s kind of fun and good to be a king and a spy and you will actually see “New” interactions that were never available in the older Sims Expansions before!
  4. Once you complete a kingdom’s story, you get to choose between two “quests” to play! They are “Free-Time” (That means controlling your sims and playing freely like The Sims” Or, You can choose the “New Kingdom” or something to start a new Kingdom with the heroes (Other than your King). Or, you can start a new game with its own story.
Why Do People Think The Sims Medieval Is A Bad/Boring Game?
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The Sims Medieval Game Notes:

  1. Every time you start a new game it will be for a totally different goal! And every new quest you choose it becomes harder to complete and you will have to choose your Quest Points (QP) Wisely!
  2. You will seek adventures, stories, interests, new traits, new (but old) items, and many other new stuff!
  3. You will get to see new things as torturing criminals, or even killing them by throwing them in the pit, or by executing them by Sword, or even By Challenging them to a Duel to Death!! (It’s not something that contains blood or anything but still fun)
  4. You can’t say that the game stinks until you try it yourself!
  5. You will get to play with many sims (not at the same time). Think about it! You can be a King, A Doctor, A Wizard, A Priest, A Shop Keeper and more!
  6. Every Type of Sim has his own unique abilities!!

The Sims Medieval Conclusion:

I hope that it clears a few things about The Sims Medieval gameplay. I know that this is less likely to be a question but I just thought that too many people might think the Sims Medieval stinks because of so many wrong reasons. I have tried The Sims Medieval out myself, and I think it’s really fun!

If you would like to discuss anything just post it as an answer here and I will be happy to discuss The Sims Medieval with you!

Thank you Eli for sharing.

Happy Sims Medieval Gaming Everyone!

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