The Sims 2 Castaway review

The Sims 2 Castaway review

The Sims 2 Castaway is the third console spin-off of the video game The Sims 2. It was released in the United States on October 22, 2007 and October 26, 2007 in the United Kingdom for the Nintendo DS, Wii, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable.

The Sims 2 Castaway Features:

  • Stay Alive! – Help your Sim meet basic needs to survive.
  • Discover Diverse Islands – Explore a variety of new environments: beaches, caves, lagoons, jungle, plains, and volcanic mountains.
  • Craft Everything – Create a new life from scratch. Develop tools, build shelter, craft furniture, create clothing, and make art & entertainment.
  • Gather and Collect – Gather fish, trap animals, raise plants, collect shells, scavenge and decode treasure maps.
  • Flourish or Escape – Build a life comfort on the island or find a way to escape back to civilization.
  • Create a Crew – Choose from a wide range of Sims: Auto Mechanic, Chef, Doctor, Musician, Teacher, Executive, or Park Ranger. Each one brings a unique Sim humor and quirkiness to your crew. Reunite members of your crew and build a thriving community.

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The Sims 2 Castaway Gameplay:

Help your Sims build a life from scratch after washing ashore on a deserted tropical island. Overcome the forces of nature to help them become the ultimate survivors and thrive in this undiscovered paradise while unearthing clues that will lead them back to civilization. Build shelters, craft unique items, and discover many useful treasures and ancient mysteries hidden deep within a diverse jungle environment filled with plants, fruits, and even wildlife. Your Sims change as they take on the challenges of island life and learn to survive in style. Create a new life for your Sims on an uncharted island in The Sims 2 Castaway. Choose from a wide range of Sims – Auto Mechanic, Chef, Doctor, Musician, Teacher, Executive, or Park Ranger. Each one brings a unique Sim humor and quirkiness to your crew. Reunite members of your crew and build a thriving community.


Sims 2 Castaway ESRB Rated T for Teen

Who knew when the original Sims game came on the market way back in 2000 what type of popularity the game would have on all of the die hard gamers out there. Although Sims 2 Castaway is the 3rd installment of the original PC game to cross over to consoles, it has been overwhelmingly successful.

In Sims 2 Castaway, we start the game by selecting a Sim. (By the way, this is a single player game.) By picking the Sim you can choose the gender first then play around with them to get the look you want. Once you have that down you will choose the occupation of the Sim. The occupation will actually determine the capabilities of the Sim.

You have a few occupations to choose from like a Ranger, Teacher, Mechanic and a couple more you can select. Once this is done all the Sims ends up on a boat. On this boat everyone is having so much fun they fail to see the storm that’s approaching. The storm hits and yes, you guessed it, everyone is in the water.

The next thing that happens is you end up on a beach of a desert island. On this island you have to use your natural survival skills to do simple things like craft a fire or craft shelter. Oh, you say you have no skill, that’s fine you can learn. You will start to walk around and familiarizing yourself with the island and by doing so you will be given certain tasks to accomplish for your survival.

Just keep in mind, everything you do will get you that much closer to getting rescued so don’t get discouraged yet. You will learn that by moving around the island you will start collecting things. This is good because the more things you collect the better. Later you will use these items to craft other items so collect away.

Once you have collected items you can start to craft things like a house, or a spear to fish with or even a fire. The more items your Sim collects the better. Now in order to craft these things you need to have skills, yes skills! If you don’t know how to craft something you have to learn and this takes time. You can gain experience on how to craft by clicking the craft button. It’s fun so don’t worry. You can begin crafting smaller objectives and later with more skill you’ll be able to craft more complex items.


Sims 2 Castaway

In order to get further in the game you will have to meet up with the other survivors, once this is done guess what? You’ll have to start taking care of their needs. That’s right; remember on My Sims? We had to take care of our wants and needs. Well on this game you have to do the same thing for the other survivors.

All through the game keeps you very busy with things to do and place’s to visit, the game unlike the older versions has a story line, you can follow the story or you can even go off on your own and explore the island which I thought was pretty neat. The story will eventually catch up to you though and you will move closer and closer to your rescue.

Now you don’t have to get rescued. You can stay on the island and craft a resort, find islands go fishing and a ton of other things to do. The game is designed to help you explore your survival skills and in the process be fun and entertaining. Although the Sims 2 Castaway is a lot more fun than My Sims, it has the same problem (or what I felt was a problem) all the collecting that has to be done. If you don’t collect you can’t craft, so other than this I think Sims 2 Castaway is a fun game.

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