One thing I forgot to mention, you only need the base game to be abducted by aliens. Just remember to *Stargaze* through the telescope instead of just “Looking Through”.
Scroll Down for Video Tutorial…

Apparently, some people have reported being able to get their female sims pregnant upon abduction, as well. As to how accurate this is, I’m really not sure. It appears different people have different outcomes. Personally, I think these people are fibbing. The only known way you can get female sims pregnant upon abduction is to install hacks that make it possible. So unless somebody just has a very *special* game, they can’t be telling the truth.

Also FreeTime makes it to where your Knowledge sims can “Summon Aliens” if their aspiration points are spent on their aspiration. It works pretty good, too. I’ve already had two knowledge sims get abducted.

Yes, yes, you can use boolprop to force an alien pregnancy without being abducted (forgot to mention that). But it’s more fun to have your sims abducted. But if you MUST, then you can turn boolprop on and then I think you have to spawn the Tombstone of L and D. Then you click on it and select “Make Me Alien Pregnant”, or something along those lines.

Plus, just because I said that it’s unlikely you will get abducted naturally doesn’t mean I think it can’t happen. I know there are people who are luckier than others, but for the majority of us, it’s pretty unlikely. That’s all I meant.

If you don’t believe anything I’ve said in the video regarding abductions, then check out this page. I’m not making anything up. I’ve done my research. But you can believe what you want.

If you would like to download the sim who so gracefully gave birth in the video, click here.