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Some Sims 2 cheats are expansion-pack specific so you must have the expansion pack that cheat was released in (or any expansion pack released afterward) for it to work in your game. If a cheat is just marked for the base game (original), it will work even if you just have the base game installed, and will work with any and all Sims 2 expansion packs.

Bring up the cheat box by holding down the CTRL, SHIFT, and C keys on your keyboard at the same time. If you don’t get the cheat box when you do CTRL, SHIFT, C, check out Game Help:Cheat Box Won’t Appear.

apartmentBuildBuyRestrictions [on/off] (Apartments ep)
Enables the locked build and buy tools in apartment lots.

boolProp allow45DegreeAngleOfRotation [true/false] (Uni, Nightlife, Pets, OFB)
Allows users to rotate any object in 45 degree increments. Use the < and > (, and .) keys to rotate the objects; clicking and dragging to rotate will only rotate in 90 degree increments.
* Sims may have problems using some objects placed at a 45 degree angle, like televisions and appliances. Plan for objects placed at an angle to be purely decorative.

boolProp snapObjectsToGrid [true/false] (Base Game)
Toggles the ability to fine-tune the placement of items, instead of being limited to just placing them at certain spots on the grid.
* If you find you can’t place windows and doors because they won’t snap properly onto walls, disable this cheat (and/or remove it from your user startup.cheat file) and try again.

deleteAllFences (Pets)
Remove all fences from the lot. You must be in build mode to use this cheat.

deleteAllWalls (Pets)
Remove all walls from the lot. You must be in build mode to use this cheat.

deleteAllHalfWalls (Pets)
Remove all half-walls from the lot. You must be in build mode to use this cheat.

deleteAllAwnings (Pets)
Remove all awnings from the lot. You must be in build mode to use this cheat.

deleteAllObjects [Doors/Windows/Stairs] (Pets)
Removes all build mode objects of the chosen type from the lot. You must be in build mode to use this cheat.

individualRoofSlopeAngle [15-75] (Pets)
Similar to the roofSlopeAngle cheat from Nightlife, this cheat allows you to change individual pieces of roof, separate from the other roof parts. To use, first build the roof. Then enter the cheat. Acceptable values are 15-75 (degrees). While the roof tool is still selected, hold down CTRL and ALT and click on the the section of roof that you want to change. The roof will change angles.
* This cheat was broken when Pets shipped – you could change the angle but it would not save with the lot. You must download and install the Pets Patch for it to save properly.

Multi-placement on walls –> not entered into the cheat box!!! (Pets)
Press the CTRL + ALT keys while trying to place an object on a wall. Placement rules on walls will be removed, and you will be able to place any wall object on a wall already occupied by another object.

roofSlopeAngle [15-75] (NL, OFB, Pets)
Adjust angle of all roofs on the lot. Acceptable values are 15-75, which seem to equate to the angle in degrees.

changeLotZoning [residential/community/greek/dorm/secretsociety/apartmentbase/secretwitchlot] (NL, Uni, Pets, OFB, Apt)
Changes the zoning type of the lot. Before rezoning a lot using this cheat, make sure there are no Sims currently living in the lot. To use this cheat, enter the lot that you would like to rezone, and then enter the cheat, choosing one of these zoning options. Save and exit to neighborhood and re-enter the lot.
How do I change a lot to dorm, greek house, secret society, residential or community type?
This Build Mode cheat is enabled in University. You can not use this if you just have the Original Sims 2 installed.
To use the cheat, bring up the cheat box by pressing CTRL-SHIFT-C then type:
* changeLotZoning dorm
* changeLotZoning greek
* changeLotZoning secret society
* changeLotZoning community
* changeLotZoning residential

That will change the zoning of the lot. You will need to save and exit to the neighborhood for it to actually change.
* If you change an existing lot to a residential, you will need to give it a mailbox and a trash can for the lot to work properly You can find those items in a buyable collection here (click on Sims 2, then Hacks/Mods).
* If you create a new secret society lot, they will not be visible while in Neighborhood view and you will not be able to edit it again after changing the lot type. So be careful with that one!

boolProp dormSpecificToolsDisabled [true/false] (Uni, NL, OFB, Pets)
Enables build/buy mode tools that would normally be disabled when in a dorm lot.
*This will also allow you to enable build/buy mode when on a community lot, though your changes will not save with the lot. This function works even if you do not have University.

setHighestAllowedLevel [number] (Uni, NL, OFB, Pets)
Sets the amount of floors allowed (so you can build higher). You cannot go higher than 16 or the game will crash.
* The Dormer Trick: If you do not have any expansions (you only own the base game) OR if this cheat does not function for you (it appears to work only occasionally or not at all in later expansions) then you can try the following trick:
o Build up to the highest level you can.
o On that top level, place a dormer (they’re in with the roofs and such). This will let you build one more level up.
o Put a wall or something up on that next level.
o Remove the dormer (ctrl-click and drag with the wall tool, remove roofs).
o Continue building on your new level.

boolProp lotTerrainPaints [true/false] (Base Game)
Set to false to turn off viewing terrain paints (ground cover) on the lot. This cheat does not appear to remove them, just makes them invisible.

boolProp lotWater [true/false] (Base Game)
Set to false to remove water (ponds) on the lot.

boolProp lockTiles [true/false] (Base Game)
Set to false to place floor tiles at the very edge of the lot and to change the tiles of the road and sidewalks.

moveObjects [on/off] (Base Game)
Allows you to move and delete objects in build mode that you cannot normally move or delete. Mainly used in building to overlap objects to create interesting effects.
* Use with caution: deleting certain items such as the mailbox, trashcan, and community phone can cause problems with a lot.
* Deleting a sim living on your lot, saving, and exiting will result in that sim being restored and standing at the mailbox when you re-enter the lot, which can be useful if they’re stuck or otherwise bugged.

boolProp constrainFloorElevation [true/false] (Base Game)
Toggles the ability to change the elevation of floor tiles in areas that already have walls, floors, and foundations on them.

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