Best Sims 2 hairstyles

Best Sims 2 hairstyles

I mainly use 3 sites for sims 2 hairstyles. I think they are the best ones you can download except some of them have a high price tag…. They all have a  few sims 2 male hairstyles but as always, anything for sims males are always harder to find than for females sims.

My 1st favorite Sims 2 hairstyles site is XM sims 2 and they are free downloads so no complaint there! They have a huge selection and many different Sims 2 hairstyles.  Lots of recolors can also be found on other sites.

XM Sims 2 hairstylesXM Sims 2 hairstylesXM Sims 2 Hair

Peggyzone no longer exists as far as I know.
Peggyzone which used to be called Peggysims has some fantastic sims 2 hairstyles and her meshes are being used all over the Internet too by custom content creators so you will find lots of recolors…

Peggyzone is a membership based site.  She has some free downloads but she also has a paid membership which allows you to access all her paid content. Price starts at $9.95  a month…  You can buy just one month and download everything then join up again a few months later… 

Peggy Zone Sims 2 hairstylesPeggy Zone Sims 2 HairPeggy Zone Sims 2 hairstyles

RoseSims has had the most expensive Sims 2 hairstyles at $2.50 each or she has a “price packages” such as 7 hairs & 6 Gifts $10 -but still an expensive package… She has a few free ones but they are still, truly my favorite Sims 2 hairstyles and I use them a lot in my Sims 2 game…

Rosesims for Sims 2 hairstylesRose Sims 2 HairRose Sims 2 Hair

The best resource to find good Sims 2 hairstyle is The Sims Resource here.


  1. emm i pressed them to open but i dont know what to do now ,are these for sims 2 they look different ,i tried moving them to download still doesnt work and there was too many so it dosent work again ,thanx ,it would be alot of help if i know lol:)

  2. Hey, for y’all’s information, it’s actually illegal for these people to charge for their downloads according to the EA terms of use which, if they own the Sims game, they have agreed to.

    1. My 2 cents: Yes, I agree with you and it has been a very long time debate. I wished I had keep some of the letters but EA was informed of that and they have done nothing about it.
      In my opinion, since I know the cost of running a website and the more users you have the more it costs, I think they should have a donation button which I believe it is how ModTheSims is set up (well of course now they that have millions of users so they also make a lot of money from advertising too).
      I understand Custom Contents makers do spend a lot of time making those things for us but some of them are really charging a lot of money that is not really justified.

  3. If you to get the color you clicked on, the mesh needs to be downloaded. I’m scared downloading the mesh will make a virus on my computer! Can anyone help?

    1. it wont let me click on the xm sims pic i really want that mesh but i dont know how to download it or where to go to download it

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