I mainly use 3 sites for sims 2 hairstyles. I think they are the best ones you can download except some of them have a high price tag…. They all have a  few sims 2 male hairstyles but as always, anything for sims males are always harder to find than for females sims.

My 1st favorite Sims 2 hairstyles site is XM sims 2 and they are free downloads so no complaint there! They have a huge selection and many different Sims 2 hairstyles.  Lots of recolors can also be found on other sites.

XM Sims 2 hairstylesXM Sims 2 hairstylesXM Sims 2 Hair

Peggyzone no longer exists as far as I know.
Peggyzone which used to be called Peggysims has some fantastic sims 2 hairstyles and her meshes are being used all over the Internet too by custom content creators so you will find lots of recolors…

Peggyzone is a membership based site.  She has some free downloads but she also has a paid membership which allows you to access all her paid content. Price starts at $9.95  a month…  You can buy just one month and download everything then join up again a few months later… 

Peggy Zone Sims 2 hairstylesPeggy Zone Sims 2 HairPeggy Zone Sims 2 hairstyles

RoseSims has had the most expensive Sims 2 hairstyles at $2.50 each or she has a “price packages” such as 7 hairs & 6 Gifts $10 -but still an expensive package… She has a few free ones but they are still, truly my favorite Sims 2 hairstyles and I use them a lot in my Sims 2 game…

Rosesims for Sims 2 hairstylesRose Sims 2 HairRose Sims 2 Hair

The best resource to find good Sims 2 hairstyle is The Sims Resource here.